Sharpening Services

In the event your die becomes dull and needs sharpening, all dies can be sharpened for a small fee of $14.00, plus the cost of return shipping. 

 Please contact us for further information regarding sharpening. * We are unable to sharpen dies with damage. 

Custom Cutting Dies

We provide custom milled cutting dies of any shape. Dies can be purchased alone, or can be paired with a custom stamp. Our Stamp and Die combinations let you stamp and cut unlimited number of pieces with perfect alignment every time. This process is perfect for use for leather patches, tags, zipper pulls, key fobs, and more!


To use the stamp and die combination you would stamp your image on the leather, remove the stamp and align the die with the boarder of the stamped image and use a press. Be sure to lay down a piece of HDPE Plastic to avoid dulling the cutting die. 

Leather Cutting Dies

Starting at $62.25

• Leather Cutting Dies are CNC Machined  from Steel. 

• They can be made as a matched set with one of our Custom Brass Stamps.

• They are perfect for Leather workers on a budget and for small runs.

• They can be resharpened  multiple times. 

• Dies work well with many types of presses, including Arbor Presses and Clicker Presses.